Childhood Vaccinations


It is important to make sure that your child has all their routine childhood vaccinations. It's the most effective way of keeping them protected against infectious diseases as they are growing up.

We have clinically trained staff who can deliver the childhood vaccination programme.

Booking your child's vaccination appointment

Contact the surgery to book a vaccination appointment for your child.
For more information about the UK vaccination programme for children and adults refer to the NHS Guide.

About your child's vaccination appointment

Before the appointment:

  • Inform the surgery who will be taking the child, if neither a parent nor guardian can attend.
  • If neither a parent nor guardian can attend, please ensure written consent is bought for each immunisation required.
  • Take your 'red book' to the appointment

Our nurse will check:

  • Your child's general health, and what medicines they may be taking
  • Which vaccines your child is going to have
  • That you know what diseases they’ll protect against
  • That you know what side effects may occur, and how to treat them
  • That you’re happy to go ahead

After the injection

Make sure that the type of injection (and where it was given) is noted down in your red book and in your child’s GP records. Your child may need this information later in life, for example when applying for certain jobs or going abroad to live or study

If you miss an appointment

Please ensure you inform the surgery beforehand if you will not be able to attend an appointment. You won’t have to start the course of vaccines again. Just make a new appointment as soon as you can - Our reception team will be happy to help you do this.